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Capability Assessment Program

Today, more than ever Human Resources Professionals & Supply Chain Department heads are in an increasing need to assess the capability of their teams. The capability assessment program enables understanding the strength and weaknesses of the team in an attempt to fill the gap with the proper education/Knowledge delivery.

MUHAKAT offers an assessment capability that evolves around the six core supply chain functionality Pillars

What is in it for your Organization?

With the capability assessment Program you can:

  • ■ Realize the exact talent gap and knowledge/skills needed to fill that.
  • ■ Understand exactly the strength/weaknesses of your team in order to leverage their performance.
  • ■ Reduce time/Cost of ad hoc training needs.
  • ■ Minimize wasted efforts and Realize cost savings by choosing the proper knowledge sphere for your team with the proper training products.
  • ■ Create a consolidated development plan based on the assessment results.

 How Does It Work

Core Knowledge Areas We Test Against

Assessment Knowledge Scope

The scope of knowledge is based on the APICS body of knowledge and CIPS best practices, both serve as the leading Supply Chain education standards provider. Testing against them means you are assessing your team against best practices of international knowledge.


Assessment Environment

Assessment take the form of computer based testing environment which allows testing in convenient comfortable setup, learners will be tested in a timed exam against a number of different questions types ranging from Multiple choice Questions, true and false, essay . all depending on the exact level of learners and the outcome desired.

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