The APICS Exam Challenge…Participate & Win An Exam Full Refund

Welcome to the challenge, The APICS Exams challenge invites APICS learners from everywhere to win a FULL exam refund.



MUHAKAT Is offering this great opportunity for all learners around the world to benefit from this challenge, whether you are one of our learners or not & no matter where you live you are eligible for this challenge.


The Challenge Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is eligible for this challenge?  Anyone who is welling to attend APICS Exams, some exceptions applies to MUHAKAT learners. Please inquire to learn more. 
  2. I live outside Jordan, am I eligible?  Yes, you are. 
  3. I did not attend any APICS Classes yet, can I benefit from the campaign? Yes sure. 
  4. I am already registered to an APICS exam, Am I eligible too? NO, we cant refund you of something you did not pay us directly.
  5. Is this an offer by APICS? NO its through its Elites Premier Partner MUHAKAT & aimed to stimulate learners to become certified. 
  6. Are there any special conditions that I should be aware of? Yes you need to score a minimum of 325 out of 350 in the exam you are undertaking. Our context is valid through July 2021.
  7. How do I process exam payment & registration? We accept all types of payments, below you can find APICS Exams price list as they appear at APICS website.
Certificate Price USD Notes 
CSCP* 1295 APICS Non-Members
 CSCP 995 APICS Members
CLTD* 1195 APICS Non-Members
 CLTD 895 APICS Members
CPIM* 690 APICS Non-Members
 CPIM 495 APICS Members
APICS Annual Membership 185 Annual membership
*APICS holds its right to adjust exam prices, all regional differences applies.

8.How can I inquire about the APICS Exam challenge?  You can inquire using the form