ASCM Supply chain planning certificate

Started on January 1, 1970

The Supply Chain Planning Certificate Program teaches you the fundamentals of supply chain planning with a focus on synchronized planning, Synchronized planning is a cross functional approach to planning that engages multiple functional stakeholders working together to align their plans and strategies to create a cohesive and integrated plan that supports your organization goals and objectives.


The Supply Chain Planning Certificate enables you to:

-Understand the flow of planning from business plan to execution.

-Link business strategy to company plans.

-Contribute to production and control activities.

-Interpret and manage the master production schedule.

-Interpret and manage the material requirements plan.

-Determine order and reorder points.

-Create a channel tree design for a distribution system.

-Identify technologies to support synchronous planning.


What’s covered in this course:

The Supply Chain Planning Certificate provides you with the technical knowledge and strategies to use synchronized planning for effective end-product production. A brief overview of the key items you will learn in the course include:

– What is Synchronized Planning?
– Strategic Planning – Business Planning.
– Strategic Planning – Demand Planning and S&OP.
– Tactical Planning- Master Scheduling/MRP.
– Operations Execution-Purchasing and Production Activity Control, APS.
– Distribution and Logistics Planning.

  • Category and Level: Planning Management – Intermediate
  • Track: Certificate Track
  • Total hours: 18
  • Class: Face to Face/Online
  • Targeted Audience: Industrial engineers, supplier planners, demand planners and any one working in the planning function

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