Finance for Supply Chain Professionals

Started on January 1, 1970

Supply Chain Finance is a simulation Based Learning, Teams will form groups and Execute 4 Supply Chain Finance Simulation Rounds using The Cool Connection Simulation

Will help attendees creating the link between Supply Chain and Finance, Understand the levers impacting the various components of working capital in order to challenge stakeholders accountable for them.

The class provide participants with a global view of the Cash-to-Cash cycle and introduce the concepts of DSO, DPO and DIO, (Supplier) Market Segmentation, the importance of knowing, and deciding on, who you are dealing with Demand Planning / Forecasting (Focus on Finance) from both a corporate’s and a financial institution’s perspective. Working capital management in the connected supply chain.

This interactive training will allow participants to exchange views on the module in small groups, to highlight main points and to start building their own action plan.

Facilitated by Mr.Steven Van Der Hooft , Steven is the founder of Capital Chains and involved in the setup and roll out of working capital projects. He specializes in SCF program design and implementation for both corporate and financial institutions.


Category and Level: Supply Chain Management – Intermediate

Track: Non-Certification Track

Total hours: 16

Class: Face to Face

Targeted Audience: Supply Chain Professionals who wants to learn more about finance, ideal titles would be Supply Chain Managers , Inventory Managers , Procurement Managers and Supervisors .

Upcoming events for this course

13JuneAPICS CSCPAPICS CSCP Thursday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Online
Online, Jordan

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